Featuring: Lisa Levy, Jean Miele, Francisco Ramirez, Saul Robbins, Sheri Sandler, Violette Blue

Supported by Saul Robbins, Sheri Sandler, and the Reba Judith Sandler Foundation

Artists offer sincere and creative interpretations of psychotherapeutic consultation in a pop-up psychotherapy office and photography gallery. Visitors are encouraged to drop-in or schedule a free 15-minute “initial intake” session, during which they may discuss any topic in complete confidence.For many, the role of a psychotherapist holds significant weight, and the importance attributed to him / her is one of profound influence in many of our lives. Viewers are encouraged to consider the inherent personality in each of these environments, and the place of power being held across from them on a regular basis. I am particularly interested in the existence and importance of a dyadic relationship between practitioner and client, one not always considered in more traditional modalities of treatment.

My immediate family is made up of psychotherapists and this work stems from the belief that long-term challenges can be resolved by examining patterns in personal and familial history. The series grew directly out of my response to one particular therapeutic relationship, and the necessity of questioning the efficacy and treatment of working with that practitioner.


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How Can I Help? – An Artful Dialogue

 archive : 2014

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Saul Robbins

Presented by: United Photo Industries (UPI)
  • United Photo Industries (UPI)


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