Adam Pańczuk
Adam Pańczuk
Adam Pańczuk
Adam Pańczuk

In one of the dialects spoken in the east of Poland, which is a mixture of Polish and Belorussian, people strongly attached to the soil cultivated from generations were called Karczebs. Karczebs cleared forests with their bare hands in order to grow crops. The word Karczeb was also used to describe what remains after a tree is cut down – a trunk with roots, which remains stuck in the ground. It also applied to people – it was not easy for the authorities to root Karczebs out from their land, even in the Stalinism times. The price they paid for their attachment to their soil was often their freedom or life. After death, buried nearby his farmland, Karczeb became the soil himself – the soil cultivated later by his descendants.

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  • Adam Pańczuk

    Adam Pańczuk

    Adam Pańczuk (1978) lives in Warsaw. In his work he travels to wherever he finds an interesting subject. He studied at the University of Economics and photography at the Multimedia Communication Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. With his projects Pańczuk seems to be asking questions, at the same time directly and metaphorically, about identity, consciousness and attitude towards life of the people he meets along the way. His unique skill to tell gripping yet intimate stories with images has won him many prestigious awards including Best Photography Book Award in the 71st annual Pictures of the Year International for “Karczeby”, Magnum Expression Award, Grand Press Photo, PHotoEspana (PHE) OjodePez Award, Newsweek Poland Photo. He published in: National Geographic, Newsweek, British Journal of Photography, Le Monde, Esquire, OyodePez, Geo Magazine, Polityka , Malemen, DF Gazeta Wyborcza.

    Adam is a member of Sputnik Photos and is represented by La galierie particuliere and Picturetank, Paris, France.

Karczebs (Karczeby)

 archive : 2014

Featuring: Adam Pańczuk

Curated by: Krzysztof Candrowicz

Presented by: Lodz Fotofestiwal, Foundation of Visual Education
  • Lodz Fotofestiwal
  • Foundation of Visual Education


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