Vargas Lara
Vargas Lara

LOS DIEZ FOTOGRAFÍAL Kenji Arimura, Kike Arnal, Adrienne Grunwald, Kevin Kunishi, Star Montana, Tatewaki Nio, Gabriel Rinaldi, Juan Salvarredy, Wara Vargas, Lara Leandro Viana

LOS DIEZ ILUSTRACIÓN: Tony Aguero, Carolina Amaya, Daniel Bueno, Miagui Imagevertising, Nik Neves, Carlos Quirarte, Diego Terros, Cristian Turdera, Francisco Valle

AI-AP presents the premiere collection from the Latin American Fotografía y Ilustración competition. From 1,500 images the international jury selected only 20 photographs and 20 illustrations. From the winning collection, 10 photos and 10 illustration are presented in a special, traveling exhibit produced by Epson. The show first opened in New York City at the launch party for the American Photography and American Illustration annuals. From there, Epson has produced the show over the year in Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil.


  • American Illustration – American Photography (AI-AP)

    The AI-AP juried hardcover award annuals, offer high visibility and well-derserved recognition where it matters most. They are still published in large-format, luxurious, hardcover volumes, staying true to their founding principles of celebrating great photographers and illustrators, showcasing commissioned and personal work that’s ahead of its time, while honoring the publications, creatives, and agencies assigning and utilizing the winning images. Students and schools are also celebrated, along with established and emerging artists.

    Founded in 1982 by a committee of esteemed illustrators and art directors, AI-AP was created as a direct alternative to the leading organizations and companies of the day that were not recognizing unconventional, cutting-edge work being produced by unheralded artists who were pushing the boundaries of traditional commercial work.

Latin American Fotografía y Ilustración Uno

 archive : 2013

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: American Illustration - American Photography (AI-AP)


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NY 11201

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