In my photographic work I often focus on the unexpected, the odd, the element of surprise. I have been privileged to find these elements brought to life by the activist communities I was part of. The creativity of activism has the ability to make change while bringing joy, often in the face of difficult subjects. As a photographer I have been able to document these activists while participating in the actions, giving me the advantage of a viewpoint from within. In 1994, the Lesbian Avengers action brought visibility to Alice Austen as a lesbian photographer, and also her community; this exhibit at the Alice Austen House brings the joy to a full circle.

Artist Bios

  • Saskia Scheffer

    Saskia Scheffer (b. 1956, Almelo, the Netherlands) moved from a small town to study Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. Soon her interest in photography proved more important and she left to focus on photographing her friends, the lesbian, and women’s communities in her life. Scheffer relocated to New York to continue her expanding photographic practice and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts at age 40.

    “It is the communities I live and have lived in that have taught me the most: the photographers I met, my role as the photo collection coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, my 20 year job as an image metadata expert at the NYPL and my friends who form those communities.”


Lesbian Avengers 1994 Protest for Alice Austen and Gertrude Tate’s Lesbian Visibility. Alice Austen Park.

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Featuring: Saskia Scheffer

Curated by: Victoria Munro Pasinee Pramunwong

Presented by: The Alice Austen House
  • The Alice Austen House
  • NYC Parks


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