Flokje van Lith
Flokje van Lith

Featuring: Caren Huygelen, Christian Kryl, Flokje van Lith, Gerwin Botterhuis, Joost van den Broek, Lieve Prins, Lilith Love, Marie C├ęcile Thijs, Martin Roemers, Mike Roelofs, Sander Troelstra.

Dutch portraits have been famous for ages. In a straight line from Rembrandt into the contemporary photography our Dutch portraits have been known around the globe. However the world get’s smaller in many ways. We fly to NY in a few hours and it is possible to talk and see someone face to face on the other side of the globe in realtime. As a curator I noticed the turning tables of our portrait “”tradition”” abroad and a developement of our Dutch portrait photographers in light use and composition from elsewhere. However Dutch Portraits are because of their enormous inheritage still ahead of time in their form and content. This exhibition shows a selection of the most interesting fine art and documentary Dutch portrait photographers.


  • FotoFestival Naarden

    FotoFestival Naarden

    FotoFestival Naarden is the oldest photofestival of the Netherlands. It is held once every two years in spring at the medieval and fortified town of Naarden. It is a festival that deals with contemporary and storytelling photography from professional Dutch photographers.


Let’s Face It

 archive : 2012

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Feiko Koster Eduard Planting

Presented by: FotoFestival Naarden
  • FotoFestival Naarden


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