Mineral Matter is a photographic series that explores the interplay between Iceland’s dynamic river deltas and traces of human curiosity. Volcanic ash, sediment, and colorful minerals are collected and moved by the powerful travels of glacier water, while recent human relics such as vehicle tracks and footsteps weave in and out of frame, giving us a sense of scale. Photographed from above, the painterly interfolds of watery texture and vibrant sediment create graphic compositions only visible from the sky. The glacial rivers are ever shifting, depositing into the ocean where fresh water meets salt water. In this sublime yet forbidding landscape, the forces of nature are profound.

Artist Bios

  • Brooke Holm

    Brooke Holm is an Australian-American photographer and explorer based in Brooklyn, NY.

    In her work, Holm studies the elemental features of the Earth through detailed environmental portraits. She focuses on the physical body of the Earth, often treated by humankind as we treat any body, with opposing practices of reverence and exploitation.

    Holm often works from small aircraft, photographing the veins and arteries of the planet and revealing the organic and inorganic pockmarks of time on the surface. She is interested in the relationship between this terrestrial life form and our own lives, which further extends into the relationship between this world and other worlds.

    By disrupting the scale and perspective at which we have become accustomed to consuming our planet, Holm examines the false dichotomy between humans and nature and seeks a more accurate representation of co-existence. When altering our conventional viewpoint, the greater picture is a network of interconnected bodies. Our bodies are merely extensions of the body of the Earth.


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Mineral Matter

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Featuring: Brooke Holm

Curated by: Sam Barzilay

Presented by: Arts Brookfield
  • Arts Brookfield


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