Maddie Provost, Return to Himself, DPI BFA Thesis Exhibition
Maddie Provost, Return to Himself, DPI BFA Thesis Exhibition
William Rowan, Out in the Country (of Dreams), DPI BFA Thesis Exhibition
Ali Stancheva,Плетеница, Pletenitsa, DPI BFA Thesis Exhibition

Featuring: Ali Stancheva, Amy Petralia, Angela Xu, Anna Henderson, Annie Guo, Ao Zhang, Ari Elgharsi, Ashley Peña, Chiu Pok Kwan, Denise Stephanie Hewitt, Derrick Devonn, Elaine Du, Emma Estes, Erwin Chen, Esmé Bella Rice, Evelyn Coates, Hazelle Withers, Helena Shan, Jacqueline De Poortere, Jarod Polakoff, Jeremy Thorpe, Jesus A Ulloa, Jo Lieber, Katie Noble, Lamar Kendrick-Dial, Lamar Mufti, Lilith Soros, Liz Koch, Lola Krueger, Luke Rodriguez, Maddie Provost, Makenna Mitchell, Maximilian Ruibal, Michael Zhan, Miller Lyle, Nik Bauman, Noor Alireza, Rolin Dai, Ryan Pizarro, Ryan Qian, Shentong Yu, Shirene Anand, William Rowan, Yong Min Park, Yu Gao

The 2024 DPI BFA Thesis Exhibition presents 45 artistic thesis projects, featuring everything from photographs, images, videos, and books to sounds, installations, and interactive experiences. The artists in this year’s graduating class go above and beyond traditional notions of photography, blurring the lines between mediums, materials, and fields of knowledge to redefine what it means to be a photographer, an artist, and a student in a constantly evolving world. Their work addresses contemporary themes of identity, the body, place, time, spirituality, technology, memory, and globalization, and serves as their capstone project, providing just a peek into what they’ve learned during their time at NYU, a school that fosters global perspectives and critical thinkers.


  • NYU Tisch Department of Photography and Imaging

    NYU Tisch Department of Photography and Imaging

    The Department of Photography and Imaging (DPI) in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University is a four-year B.F.A. program situated in New York City. Centered on the making and understanding of images, DPI offers students both the intensive focus of an arts curriculum and a grounding in the liberal arts. We embrace multiple perspectives, and our majors work in virtually all modes of analog and digital photo-based image making, multimedia, new media, and post-photographic 3D simulation technologies. The studio work is accompanied by a wide-ranging critical studies curriculum. Our alums have gone on to work in a wide variety of creative fields. They are artists, documentary makers, journalists, fashion and editorial photographers, filmmakers, cinematographers, educators, writers, activists, craftspeople, coders, web designers, art directors, graphic designers, book designers and publishers, art historians, curators, art dealers, arts administrators, archivists, and more.

    Like all the departments at Tisch, our students come from all over the world with different outlooks and desires. We embrace those differences, and we are proud that there is no single defining look to our student work. We foster personal vision and offer a curriculum that is demanding but allows students the flexibility to take advantage of courses throughout the university. We want DPI to be a site of invention where our students are encouraged to think and see as well as engage with and understand the power of visual culture. We believe in the power of photography to celebrate diversity and intersectionality, and to address racism, gender discrimination, and all forms of intolerance.

New York University Tisch School of the Arts Department of Photography & Imaging BFA Thesis Exhibition

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Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Jordan Corine Cruz

Presented by: New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Photography & Imaging
  • NYU Tisch Department of Photography and Imaging


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