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Featuring: Adeolu Osibodu, Ami Vitale, Anand Varma, Andy Mann, Beth Moon, Ciril Jazbec, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Jason Gulley, Jim Naughten, Marina Cano, Michael Yamashita, Michael “Nick” Nichols, Reuben Wu, Robert Clark, Shawn Heinrichs, Steve Winter, Steven David Johnson, Tamara Dean, Tim Flach, Vincent J. Musi, and Xavi Bou

Vital Impacts collaborates with hundreds of the world’s most influential environmental photographers, collectively painting a vivid portrait that highlights the inseparable link between individual well-being and environmental health. Each image is a compelling testament to the delicate equilibrium within ecosystems and underscores our profound interdependence. This exhibition is not just a collection of images: it’s a catalyst for change, encouraging a powerful reimagining of our relationship with nature and each other.


About the Artists

Adeolu Osibodu (B .1997) is a Photographer/Photo-Artist from Lagos, Nigeria, based in London, United Kingdom. Adeolu, from a young age, has constantly been drawn to the spaces between dreams and ideas. Inspired by life and his experiences, Adeolu witnesses moments in time that express a sense of multi reality, hallucination and a feeling of lost memory. His work with images portrays a peculiar notion of the fleeting of time with an underlying regard for sentiment.

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National Geographic Magazine photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale‘s work illuminates the unsung heroes and communities working to protect wildlife and finding harmony in our natural world. Ami is the founder and executive director of Vital Impacts, a nonprofit that uses art and storytelling to support grassroots conservation and the storytellers who focus on the most important issues of our planet.

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Anand Varma studied Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley and now uses photography to share the story behind the science on everything from honeybee health to hummingbird biomechanics. He works to reveal the invisible details around us with the goal of sparking a sense of wonder about our world.

Anand has recently founded WonderLab, a physical space designed for experimentation and excellence in science communication. It offers mentorship and education opportunities for aspiring students to learn new ways to explore science and storytelling. He has just published a new book, “Invisible Wonders: Photographs of the Hidden World.”

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Andy Mann iis a cofounder of SeaLegacy, Emmy-nominated director, 12-time Telly Award-winner, National Geographic Photographer, and marine conservationist whose imagery is helping to tell the story of our rapidly changing planet. Having worked on all seven continents, Andy’s imagery is remarkably memorable, reminding us of how the emotion of an image can touch our spirit.

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Beth Moon approaches her subjects from a place somewhere between science and spirit, grounded in reality yet moving it to a place not entirely physical.

She has gained international recognition for her large-scale, richly toned platinum prints. Since 1999, her work has appeared in more than eighty solo and group exhibitions worldwide, receiving widespread critical acclaim in major fine art publications internationally.

Her prints are held in public collections such as The Museum of Fine Art Houston, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego and The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bolzano, Italy.

She is the author of six monographs, with translated versions in French and German, including: Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time, Ancient Trees: Ancient Skies and, most recently, Baobab published by Abbeville Press.

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Ciril Jazbec is a multi-award-winning photographer and filmmaker. His international recognitions include the World Press Photo Award in 2021, Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 2013, Magnum 30 under 30 in 2015, and National Geographic Society grants. He is a co-founder of TENT Film, a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine, and a National Geographic Explorer.

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Evgenia Arbugaeva is a contributing photographer to National Geographic magazine. In her work she often looks into her homeland, the Arctic, to discover and capture the remote worlds and people who inhabit them.

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Jason Gulley is a geology professor and photographer who is passionate about documenting water, climate and environmental subjects. He is an avid caver and technical diving instructor and much of his photography and research are expedition-based. He lives in Tampa, Florida.

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Jim Naughten is an artist exploring historical and natural history subject matter using photography, stereoscopy and painting. Collections holding his work include The Museum of Photographic Art (San Diego), The Imperial War Museum (UK), The Museum of Art (Houston), the Museum of Honolulu (Hawaii) and private collections in the US, UK, Europe and South America. He was nominated for the Prix Elysée in 2016 and shortlisted for the Images Vevey Photo Award in 2012.

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Marina Cano is a Spanish wildlife photographer with more than 25 years of photographic experience and international prestige, of which 20 have been dedicated to nature photography, a field in which she has extraordinary recognition. In love with the African continent and committed to its conservation, she collaborates with different associations that protect and preserve threatened species.

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Michael Yamashita has worked for the National Geographic magazine for over 40 years, photographing wide-ranging topics throughout six continents. As the first person of color to be a regular contributor to National Geographic, his long career has seen him traipse through war zones, deserts and mountains, from the Great Wall of China to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, on 34 stories for the magazine.

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Michael “Nick” Nichols is a wildlife journalist. His narratives are epics wherein the protagonists are lions, elephants, tigers, and chimps. Scientist-conservationists like Jane Goodall, J. Michael Fay, Iain Douglas-Hamilton and Craig Packer are all in featured roles. He came to the magazine with the legacy of a childhood spent in the woods of his native Alabama, reading Tarzan and John Carter of Mars adventures. Nichols became a staff photographer for National Geographic magazine in 1996 and was named Editor-at-Large for photography in 2008.

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Reuben Wu is a multidisciplinary artist who uses technology and the concepts of time and space to help tell compelling stories about the world we inhabit. He is also a National Geographic Photographer and a leading artist in the NFT space whose work belongs in the permanent collections of the Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the MoMA.

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Robert Clark is a freelance photographer based in New York City working with the world’s leading magazines, publishers and cutting-edge advertising campaigns, as well as the author of four monographs: Evolution A Visual Record, Feathers Displays of Brilliant Plumage, First Down Houston: A Year with the Houston Texans, and Image America, the first photography book shot solely with a cellphone camera.

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Only One founder Shawn Heinrichs is an artist and Emmy award-winning cinematographer, photographer and marine conservationist. His stunning and often stark artwork is fueled by his passion to protect the oceans, and the profound recognition that people only protect what they love.

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Steve Winter, founder of Big Cat Voices, has been a photographer for National Geographic for over two decades. He specializes in wildlife, particularly, big cats. He is a National Geographic Explorer and has been named BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and BBC Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year.

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Steven David Johnson is a conservation photographer, Professor of Visual and Communication Arts at EMU in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and Vice-President of the Virginia Wilderness Committee. His photography of the natural world has appeared in Orion, Nature Conservancy Magazine, Ranger Rick, Virginia Wildlife, National Science Teachers Association Press books and numerous conservation publications and journals. When he’s not in the office, you’ll probably find him crouched next to a vernal pool photographing Appalachian salamanders.

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Tamara Dean is a critically acclaimed photo media artist. Her practice explores our connection to nature and the fragility of the environment. Her work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia; Parliament House Art Collection; Art Gallery of South Australia; Mordant Family Collection; Artbank; Balnaves Collection; and Francis J. Greenburger Collection, New York. Tamara is represented by Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin.

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Tim Flach is a photographer best known for his stylized portraits of animals and for the originality that he brings to capturing animal behaviour and characteristics. His work is driven by a desire to better communicate stories of the natural world and to explore questions around art, communication and conservation science.

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For more than 30 years, Vincent J. Musi has photographed diverse subjects—from traveling Route 66 to global warming, life under volcanoes, Sicilian mummies, the American landscape, culture, history and archaeology.

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Xavi Bou became interested in natural sciences at a young age, during walks with his grandfather in the wetlands of the Llobregat Delta in Catalonia, Spain. He graduated in Geology from the University of Barcelona and went on to complete his studies in photography. He dedicated 15 years to advertising and fashion photography, which not only helped him to master techniques, but also to acquire the aesthetic sensitivity that would eventually define his particular perspective. After that, he was able to apply this knowledge to his true passion: nature.

In 2012, Xavi Bou embarked on Ornithographies, photography inspired by his curiosity about the invisible patterns traced by birds in flight.

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    Vital Impacts

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Our Interconnected World

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Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Ami Vitale

Presented by: Vital Impacts and Photoville, with additional support by Canson
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