Featuring: Jaegu Kang, Dongkeun Lee, Gyoosik Kim, Gun Young Lee, Jung Hoon Lee, Seok Hoon Lee, Jeewon Kim, and Jinhee Bae

People, Earth, and Experimental, the exhibition has introduced new work by the participating photographers at Photoville for past three years. It is a project that combines the appearance of a person exposed via photographic medium via changes in the physical space using experimental interpretations that make everything reproducible.

Jaegu Kang and Dongkeun Lee, focused on People. Jaegu shows the dual identity of Korean soldiers. Dongkeun shows the lives of North Korean defectors who want to settle down in the South.

Gun Young Lee and Seok Hoon Lee, feature the Earth. Gun Young is working to add depth to the landscape photographs by maximizing the tone of the black-and-white picture. Seok Hoon’s method of focusing on inverted images of plants presents a view of its inside.

Gyoosik Kim, Jeewon Kim, and Jung Hoon Lee, all concentrated on photographic experiments. Jung Hoon worked on the processed landscape which is rendered by the elements of symmetry and illusion. Gyoosik is working on finding the essence of photography through experimentation. Jeewon presented her ordinary home life as it was transformed by the exchange from medium format and 35mm film cameras.


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    MUG Publishing

    MUG Publishing is Seoul-based art publisher company focusing on photography and illustrations, printed matter, and more. Founded by Jin Hee Bae in 2008, we have been fortunate enough to work with fantastic individuals and organizations in art, culture, education, and corporate fields.

    Starting in 2015, we have linked photographers with each other so they could communicate with artists in other mediums. We created promotional projects and planned exhibitions, art markets, and art books on photography.

    We have participated in Photoville, New York’s largest outdoor premium photo festival, starting in 2016. In addition, many books and photographers were introduced at the Athens Photo Festival, fotofever Paris, Photo Independent LA, and more.

    Finally, this June 2019, we have opened the first photography library in Seoul.

People, Earth, and Experimental Korean Photography 1

 archive : 2019

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Jinhee Bae

Presented by: MUG Publishing
  • MUG Publishing


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All photographers represented here work in South Korea. Most of them had have many group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. All of the photographers have participated in Photoville since 2016.

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