Hannah Reyes Morales
Hannah Reyes Morales
Hannah Reyes Morales

Beauty standards are at once a celebration of femininity, and an agent of conformity. Some people are being driven to anxiety and disorders by chasing unreachable standards, others are subverting those standards by asserting broader notions of beauty: dark skin, natural hair, more diverse body types.

South Korea has one of the world’s highest rates of plastic surgery. In the United States, beauty brand’s advertising campaigns aim to reflect and attract a more diverse audience, gaining considerable market share.

Technology and social media worldwide have put the power to define beauty into the hands of the people. We are in an expansive moment where everyone is beautiful.

Artist Bios

  • Hannah Reyes Morales

    Hannah Reyes Morales is a Filipina photographer and a National Geographic Explorer whose work documents tenderness amid adversity. Her photography, both visceral and intimate, looks at how resilience is embodied in daily life. Based in Manila, Reyes Morales explores the universal themes of diaspora, survival, and the bonds that tie us together.


  • National Geographic

    National Geographic

    Established in 1888, National Geographic is a trusted print and digital publication offering stories that illuminate, inspire, and reveal. Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultures, the sciences, and the natural world. We advance that mission by creating visually stunning, richly reported photojournalism and distinguished, impartial coverage of the globe’s most pressing issues. National Geographic (@natgeo) has more than 284 million followers.

Redefining Beauty

 archive : 2020

Featuring: Hannah Reyes Morales

Curated by: Jennifer Pritheeva Samuel

Presented by: National Geographic
  • National Geographic

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