Amanda Vargas
Amanda Vargas

Featuring: Rhori Brown, Leonardo Campos Rendon, Zada Gabriel, Alstaire Gibson, Lansan Kamara, Jesus Luna, Destinee Marcion, Maeve McKevitt, Danielle Philip, Lucely Sosa, Amanda Vargas, Nanakwame Williams, Angel Moriarty, Zaqurann Horton Jr., Shane Lohan

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Created in community with students and teachers of Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School, Small Details highlights acts of resistance and change through lens-based media.  As minors, we are often dismissed or ignored in several sectors of our lives, yet as the next generation, we are greatly impacted by adults’ collective actions. Rather than focus on our repressed voices, our show emphasizes the ways we empower our voices through photography.

Each piece documents a “small detail” displaying moments of positive change — within ourselves, our families, and our communities. By exhibiting our complex world views, our hope is to uplift others to reflect on the many ways they can create change. While this year has been one of the toughest, photography recentered and grounded us. Our lenses became our voice, as our voice became a language, and through that language began larger conversations.  We hope this series not only inspires, but also causes action. The changes we make now are small, but as we gain more understanding of the world we begin to build the future we want to see. The process starts now, and we are ready to take on the responsibility of shaping this world.


  • Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School

    Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School

    Located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School provides a rigorous academic program dedicated to preparing students to be college and career ready. Through a specialized program that incorporates academic, creative, and technical skills, students are immersed in authentic learning experiences in the fields of digital art, film, and technology. By maintaining a collaborative and supportive learning environment, students who graduate from the Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School are persistent, resilient, and capable of being successful in college and beyond.

Small Details

 archive : 2021

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Caitlin Gibbons Destinee Marcion Amanda Vargas

Presented by: Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School
  • Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School

Supported by:

  • Photoville
  • PhotoWings


View Location Details Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 3


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Recipient of the 2021 Photoville & PhotoWings Educator Exhibition Grant.

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