Doug Barrett
Doug Barrett
Oleksandr Rupeta
Charlie Cordero

Featuring: Mahdi Barchian, Doug Barrett, Uma Bista, Daniel Buuma, Charlie Cordero, Fatma Fahmy, Leala Faleseuga, Natalia Neuhaus, Alejandra Orosco, Tako Robakidze, and Oleksandr Rupeta

Square Mile is an initiative by VII Community, a program of The VII Foundation, in partnership with PhotoWings. The initiative presents diverse photographic explorations by members of VII Community, a worldwide network of VII Academy alumni, and Foundry Photojournalism Workshop participants.

“Square mile” is a geographic framework, signifying a local focus on spaces where personal, local, and global influences intersect. The projects presented explore how themes such as climate change, identity, history, legacy, migration, gender, and environment appear within a local perspective.

Square Mile aims to inspire conversations on the significance of local stories in a global context and engage the general public in discussions about social issues and the transformative power of photography.

Square Mile by VII Community, in partnership with PhotoWings, will be an ongoing exploration of global communities by the members of our diverse community of visual practitioners.


About the Artists

Alejandra Orosco, Peru

(Lima, 1988) Alejandra Orosco is a communicator and photographer based in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru. She currently works for international media and co-directs Maleza, an Arts Center in Urubamba, Cusco.

Website | Instagram


Charlie Cordero, Colombia

(Barranquilla, 1990) Based in the Colombian Caribbean, Charlie Cordero focuses on themes of social justice, climate change, and Caribbean traditions. His clients include international press and NGOs.

Website | Instagram


Daniel Buuma, Democratic Republic of the Congo

(Goma, 1993) Daniel Buuma is a photojournalist based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His work spans various critical subjects, including the environment, society, economy, military conflicts, and culture.



Doug Barrett, USA

(Richmond, VA, 1982) Doug Barrett (400 North Creative) lives and works in Kansas. With his documentary work, he investigates the American social landscape, often focusing on race, class, and cultural identity themes.

Website  |  Instagram


Fatma Fahmy, Egypt

(Riyadh, SA, 1992) Fatma Fahmy is an independent visual storyteller based in Cairo, Egypt. Her work focuses on environmental concerns and social issues impacted by environmental changes and human migration.

Website  |  Instagram


Leala Faleseuga, New Zealand

(Taitoko (Levin), Aotearoa New Zealand) Leala Faleseuga (Sāmoan, Salelologa / Dutch, Friesland and Limburg, 1985) is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Website  |  Instagram


Mahdi Barchian, Iran

(Gorgan, 1984) Mahdi Barchian is a freelance photographer who lives in Iran and works throughout the Middle East. The main themes he covers are the environment, Iranian society, internal migration, and war refugees.



Natalia Neuhaus, USA

(Lima, PE, 1980) Natalia Neuhaus is a queer photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. She sees her camera as a tool for social justice, bringing awareness and visibility to underrepresented issues and communities.

Website  |  Instagram


Oleksandr Rupeta, Ukraine

(Kyiv, 1981) Oleksandr Rupeta is a Ukrainian photographer working worldwide who is primarily interested in social anthropology and social conflict.

Website  |  Instagram


Tako Robakidze, Georgia

(Tbilisi, 1987) Tako Robakidze is a documentary photographer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her work is focused on documenting sociopolitical conditions and consequences of war in Georgia and the Caucasus region.

Website  |  Instagram


Uma Bista, Nepal

(Kathmandu, 1990) Uma Bista is a photographer who uses her camera to capture powerful visual stories that address gender inequality. Her work explores this issue’s societal, cultural, familial, personal, political, and psychological dimensions.

Website  |  Instagram


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    The VII Foundation

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Square Mile

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Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Ron Haviv Suzie Katz Nika Perne

Presented by: The VII Foundation; VII Community, in partnership with PhotoWings
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