Tara Moore
Tara Moore

Featuring: Campbell Addy, Ashley Armitage, Rochelle Brock, Jake Curtis, Alexandra Gavillet, Mimi Haddon, Ken Hermann, Lula Hyers, David Levingston, Natalia Mantini, Felicity McCabe, Tara Moore, Stephanie Nnamani, Rockie Nolan, Andriy Onufriyekno, Vasilina Popova, Naila Ruechel, Braden Summers, Alys Tomlinson, Samson Wamalwa, Minfeng Wu

“Subject, Object, Creator” explores how the photographer’s gaze, shaped through gender, experience and character, molds broader visual representations surrounding identity.

Drawing from influential and award-winning photographers from the Getty Images community, the exhibition highlights a selection of diverse voices seeking to transform one-dimensional views of self-expression and move beyond prescribed media motifs.

Taken together, the forty works illustrate Getty Images’ dedication to expanding conventional visual narratives and challenging traditional storytelling.


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    Getty Images

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Subject, Object, Creator

 archive : 2018

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Shawn Waldron Claudia Marks

Presented by: Getty Images
  • Getty Images


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Brooklyn, NY 11201

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