The number ten is a celebration in simplicity and complexity; as young children we learned to count on our fingers, and as adults we use our hands to explore and express compelling issues. The number ten reduces to the single digits of one and zero, the very foundation of the binary system that all digital images are built upon.

This year, the School of Visual Arts’ Masters in Digital Photography celebrates its tenth year of educating and inspiring photographers from all around the world. To mark this important milestone, the work of one graduate from each year is featured, which will highlight the diversity, quality and inquisitiveness of today’s contemporary fashion, fine art, editorial and portrait photographers. To enrich the exhibit, SVA faculty, staff, alumni and exhibiting artists will give presentations to share creative insights and dynamic exchange.


  • SVA Masters in Digital Photography

    SVA Masters in Digital Photography

    The School of Visual Arts has been a leader in the education of artists, designers, and creative professionals for more than seven decades. With a faculty of distinguished working professionals, dynamic curriculum, and an emphasis on critical thinking, SVA is a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility.

    SVA’s Masters in Digital Photography is an intense one-year program that meets the needs of professional photographers, educators, and artists who want to advance their skills in digital image capture, image processing, and high-quality output to remain competitive in photo-based professions.

Ten Years: School of Visual Arts’ Masters in Digital Photography

 archive : 2017

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: SVA Masters in Digital Photography
  • SVA Masters in Digital Photography


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