Harmen Meinsma
Harmen Meinsma

At Photoville 2019, Harmen Meinsma shows The Last Season I & II, existing out of two projects in which Harmen wanders the streets looking for extraordinary personalities who will pose for him. The first project is shot on the campsite in Hoek van Holland, where every year a few hundred Dutch people come together to celebrate the summer months. The second project has Rotterdam as its backdrop, where Harmen shows the cultural diversity of its inhabitants.

Once Harmen finds his subjects and builds a mutual trust with them, he then plans a production with a team of stylists to give these people the star treatment. Our society is all about being young and vital, so Harmen picks out older models, and he gives them the glamour and attention they deserve.

It’s his mission to put these personalities on a pedestal using his camera and creative team. He usually focuses on people with a flamboyant character, and those who enjoy being in the spotlight. In all his images, he likes to exaggerate with the use of styling, selecting the locations, and glamorous lighting. It’s a celebration of growing older, being different, and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Artist Bios

  • Harmen Meinsma

    Harmen Meinsma, (b. 1991) started his photographic career in Balk, a village in the north of Holland. During his teenage years, being gay in a small town was very isolating for him. Harmen spent most of his time creating various styles of decor in his bedroom and taking photographs of himself and his friends. His photography thus became a positive escape.

    Over the years, Harmen’s work further developed into the photographic career he has today. His practice has moved from a focus on self-portraits, towards a fascination for the eccentric and free-spirits of this world. The creative framework of fashion also allows Harmen to build a fantasy world filled with color and costumes.

    Harmen is not interested in capturing reality, but he does become inspired by what he discovers in real life. He forms this reality following the direction of his own imagination, casting his subjects as the main characters. Through his work, the photographer gives the unconventional subjects of society the spotlight they deserve.

    His drive as a photographer is to make images come from a sense of empowerment, and a celebration of being different. Harmen treats his subjects with tremendous love and respect: an aspect this is visible in every image he produces.


  • Melkweg Expo

    Melkweg Expo

    Melkweg Expo is an exhibition space for contemporary photography and a platform for young artists, located in the heart of Amsterdam. With a focus on photography that explores identity, society, and pop culture, the exhibition space is also known to occasionally place other forms of visual art alongside photography with conviction. Characterized by a distinctly playful and accessible approach, Melkweg Expo seeks to unveil high quality art—art that is innovative, engaging, and inclusive.

    Melkweg Expo’s main goal is to nurture and promote emerging talent and present them to a broad audience. With the help of local and international allies, Melkweg Expo presents a unique and largely free program made up of 10 exhibitions annually, a multidisciplinary festival, events offering emerging photographers advice, portfolio reviews, enlightening talks, screenings, and numerous social gatherings. Melkweg Expo is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

    Prospektor is a documentary production agency founded by Eefje Blankevoort and Arnold van Bruggen. Prospektor makes interactive documentaries as well as podcasts, books, and exhibitions—often at the same time. They are interested in stories that bring about change, stories that can tip someone’s perspective. Not from black to white or vice versa, but in a more layered and complex way—using stories that can accommodate different voices, stories that can counter uninformed cynicism.

    Prospektor believes in experimentation, cross-pollination, talent development, and multi-disciplinary work. Prospektor is formed by many co-creators.

The Last Season I & II

 archive : 2019

Featuring: Harmen Meinsma

Curated by: Fleurie Kloostra

Presented by: Melkweg Expo
  • Melkweg Expo

Supported by:

  • Dutch Culture USA
  • United Photo Industries (UPI)
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