Featuring: Jed Jacobsohn, Sam Maller, Taylor Baucom, Guillermo Hernández Martínez, Maddie Malhotra, Michael Owens, Harrison Hill, Walter Iooss Jr., Sam Robles, Emily Johnson, Thomas Lakes, Andrew Hancock, Bridget Bennett, Loren Elliott, Jon Ferrey, Julie Glassberg, Maddie McGarvey

Curated by: Maureen Cavanagh, Nate Gordon, Taylor Baucom, and Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

Photographers from The Players’ Tribune focus their lenses on athletes off the field, after the buzzer, and away from the crowds; showcasing portraits of athletes of all sports from around the world, showing who they really are.


  • The Players’ Tribune (TPT)

    The Players’ Tribune (TPT)

    The Players’ Tribune (TPT) is a first-of-its-kind content platform that connects athletes with fans through the power of storytelling. By giving athletes the tools to create truly personal content and tell their stories, The Players’ Tribune is reimagining the world of sports and culture through the player’s point of view.

    More than 3,000 athletes have contributed to the platform through impactful and powerful long and short form stories, video series, audio, and multimedia. Founded by Derek Jeter in 2014, TPT provides unique insight into the daily sports conversation, and brings fans closer than ever to the games they love.

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The Players’ Tribune: Through the Lens

 archive : 2018

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: The Players' Tribune (TPT)
  • The Players’ Tribune (TPT)


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