Luna Calvario
Luna Calvario
Lily Chandler
Chloe Bales
Liv Fernandez

Featuring: Ms. Brenna McLaughlin, Adrianna Fernandez-Diaz, Annamaria Pataki, Chloe Bales, Daisy Heredia, Emily Luna, Eva Taylor, Hannah Ng, Isabela Sala-Concepcion, Jaiden Granger, Jubilee Diaz, Kenshiro Dainobu, Leila Saraceni, Lily Chandler, Liv Fernandez, Lou Sorenson, Luna Calvario Rojas, M Smith, Nicole Anastasopoulos, Sierra Blackshear, Amariah Cruz, Ari Polanco, Danyela Fredes, Maxime Tourtollet, and Sora Ferraro.

The Real and the Surreal: How do we use art to escape?

The photography students from the High School of Art and Design, located in Manhattan, New York, are featured in this exhibit asking the question, “How do we use art to escape?” Students began their projects by researching artists inspired by Surrealism in class, before creating their own images. The photography students then put together a plan to capture each unique concept. Each photograph represents discussions on the topic of “What makes an idea in an image surreal?” We defined this in class by determining that Surrealism, with its dream-like quality and fantastical elements, can help convey a unique view to navigate the complexities of existence and transcend the confines of the tangible world. Within each approach by student photographers, all seek to blur the boundaries between what is real and what is imagined, inviting the audience to question their own understanding of reality and open their minds to infinite possibilities.

As viewers immerse themselves in these enigmatic compositions, our students want to encourage you to contemplate the power of art as a liberating focus, capable of transporting us to alternate realities untethered by the constraints of logic and reason. We hope to invite contemplation and introspection, using the interplay of light and shadow, color and form, prompting us to reflect on our own desires for escapism and introspection.

Each student’s approach in “The Real and the Surreal” strives to ignite a sense of wonder and curiosity in the hearts of all who engage with the work, hoping to spark dialogue on the transformative power of art and the endless possibilities it offers for escape, introspection, and renewal.


  • High School of Art and Design

    High School of Art and Design

    The mission of the High School of Art & Design is to inspire, educate, and fully prepare our gifted students to become exceptional artists. Through a unified curriculum that incorporates a broad spectrum of disciplines integrating art, technology, and academics, our students are prepared to go on to college and careers with industry-standard mastery in the major of their choice. With a commitment to promoting strong ethical values and professional demeanor, we strive to foster a sense of community among our students, staff, and parents. We are dedicated to engendering students’ productive, creative, and innovative participation in the world of visual arts as concerned and caring citizens of the global community.

The Real and Surreal

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Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Brenna McLaughlin Photoville

Presented by: The Photography Department at the High School of Art and Design
  • High School of Art and Design


ON VIEW AT: PhotoCube 45

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1 Water St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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