Andrew Rovenko
Andrew Rovenko
Andrew Rovenko
Andrew Rovenko
Andrew Rovenko

As the world’s most locked-down city struggled through over 240 days of heavy restrictions — with limited time outside, and scarce options to learn and play for the kids — everyone needed to find their own way to keep going. Small things, small wins — like making a space helmet for your child fascinated by the night sky. And a suit. It’s too bad that the novelty of a costume doesn’t last. Stories, however, seem to have worked since forever. So we took the costume and went looking for stories. With a little imagination, stories can be found anywhere — be it a 5-kilometer travel limit, or your bedroom. The phone booth, or a laundry. These analogue photographs are the memories from the stories we found. The lockdown has now ended. We’ll outgrow the costume. But the time spent together exploring and imagining is one special gift to keep.

Artist Bios

  • Andrew Rovenko

    Andrew Rovenko was born and raised in Ukraine, and has now called Australia home for over 17 years. He is currently based in Melbourne.

    For Rovenko, photography has always been a passion but never became a career. A stint as a freelance magazine photographer and a variety of commercial assignments over the years provided invaluable skills and experience, but could never match the fun and freedom of not having to work towards a specific goal.

    This eventually led to doing personal work, primarily on film, where the joy of craftsmanship can be experienced the most.

    One of such personal projects — The Rocketgirl Chronicles — that was born during Melbourne’s sixth lockdown, found critical acclaim and resonance around the world, with international coverage including Vogue and Rolling Stone, and the author being named the 2021 Australian Photographer of the Year by the Australian Photography magazine.


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The Rocketgirl Chronicles (Astoria)

 archive : 2022

Featuring: Andrew Rovenko

Presented by: Photoville
  • Photoville
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