Robert Stribley
Robert Stribley
Claudia Paul
Maria Louceiro
Dioni Rodriguez
Leslie Tucker

Featuring: Martin Abrahams, Andrew Ackerman, Catalina Aranguren, Shweta Bist, Katie Cercone, Annie Chen Ziyao, Wrolf Courtney, Lisa di Donato, Bianca Dunn, Robert Helman, Claudia Hernandez, Nels Highberg, Steve Hoffman, Saneun Hwang, Eniko Imre, Erika Kapin, Andrea Klausner, Julia Knoll, Esteban Kuriel, Georgia Lale, Pierre-Yves Linot, Maria Louceiro, Stacy Mehrfar, Mollye Miller, Ali Motamedi, Yam Chew Oh, Sarah Paller, Claudia Paul, Dioni Rodriguez, Richard Rothman, Leah Russell, Gabrielle Russomagno, Claudia Schellenberg, Tiffany Smith, Jeanette Spicer, Robert Stribley, Jason Torres, Lothar Troeller, Leslie Tucker, Stacey Tyrell, Albert Abdul-Barr Wang

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of our annual Art & Activism events series, SVACE presents an exhibition of images from our community—faculty, students, alumni, and friends—that addresses the global events of the last five years.

From fraught and revolutionary political elections, to the racial justice and gender equity movements that have rocked the world, to the accelerating climate catastrophe and the pandemic that has changed our lives and our hearts, the SVACE community has been watching, learning, and producing throughout.

Our community is transcultural, transgenerational, and always on the move. Together, we channel that energy to make our voices heard, tell our stories and triumphs, and inspire both action and compassion in our neighborhoods.


  • SVA Division of Continuing Education

    SVA Division of Continuing Education

    The Division of Continuing Education at the School of Visual Arts offers courses and special programs in art and design, providing an education that is global, contemporary, inclusive, and professional. The purpose of continuing education is manifold, but one of its most viable goals is to expose oneself to a new and different world and build a community there. Every day is an opportunity to learn something—and to reinvent ourselves.

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    School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City is an established leader and innovator in the education of artists. From its inception in 1947, the faculty has been comprised of professionals working in the arts and art-related fields. SVA provides an environment that nurtures creativity, inventiveness and experimentation, enabling students to develop a strong sense of identity and a clear direction of purpose.


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 archive : 2021

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: SVA Division of Continuing Education, SVA
  • SVA Division of Continuing Education
  • SVA
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