Katie Toro
Katie Toro
Julissa Murillo
Misachi Pontier
Sapna Ragnauth

What contributes to a healthy neighborhood and why should people care?

Eighth-grade students from Santa Maria School were tasked with answering this question, embarking on a new journey into the world of photography using New York City neighborhood data as their guide. Combining art and math classes, the end result would be a personally curated photo series highlighting what students believe are the most important indicators of neighborhood health.

Before diving into data analysis, students were asked to take a walk around their neighborhood and photograph features that may contribute to or detract from their personal health. After this initial data collection activity, the class was introduced to DATA2GO.NYC, an online mapping tool that allows users to view city-wide data on various health indicators. Students used this tool to further explore their neighborhood and select a focus for their data stories. Before setting out on another neighborhood walk, students learned the basics of photography composition and created shot lists for their final series. The photos displayed here were proudly chosen by the artists themselves as a response to that initial question.

Throughout this project, students were given opportunities to reflect on their surroundings. Whether their final focus was on areas in need of improvement, or indications of a perfectly healthy neighborhood, this exhibition is a testament to the thoughtfulness and introspection of these young photographers.

Artist Bios

  • The Eighth Grade Class of Santa Maria School (Class of 2022)

    Vernon Brown is an eighth grader at Santa Maria School. He enjoys playing basketball and being around his friends.

    Katherine Chavarria is an eighth grader who loves food.

    Sakura Gonzalez is a 14-year-old who takes pleasure in photography. She also loves to draw scenery and eye-catching things.

    Daniel Gray is in the eighth grade and enjoys music and photography.

    Heryel Hernandez-Rivera is an eighth grader at Santa Maria School. He enjoys drawing.

    Angel Huitzil is an eighth grader who enjoys video games and hanging out with his friends and family.

    Isabella Lebron is an eighth grader who loves the arts and playing instruments. She also loves drawing, anime, and singing.

    Erin Marrero is an eighth grader at Santa Maria School. She likes listening to BTS and a lot of other K-pop groups.

    James Martinez is in the eighth grade at Santa Maria School.

    Camilla Mercedes is a 14-year-old girl who studies at Santa Maria School. She loves to watch horror films and mystery case documentaries.

    Julissa Murillo is an eighth grader who enjoys music and cats.

    Gabriel Ndreca really likes fishing. He really enjoys spending time with family and friends.

    Misachi Pontier is an eighth-grade student from New York who loves to use her imaginative and creative skills to express her emotions and memories through art. She also likes to study new things such as astrology, and languages such as French to help her create this art.

    Aidan Poonwassie is in the eighth grade and enjoys talking and music.

    Sapna Ragnauth is an eighth grader who likes art and gardening.

    Abigail Ramdeo is a 14-year-old who enjoys reading and traveling. She likes to experience and learn new things.

    Kevin Santana is a 14-year-old boy from New York. He enjoys making art, playing soccer, and playing video games.

    Sandya Sawh is a 14-year-old girl who finds art everywhere she goes. Art plays a big part in her life, whether it is music or simply looking outside.

    David Schreiber is an eighth grader at Santa Maria School. He enjoys drawing and playing video games.

    Katie Toro is a 14-year-old who is interested in all things that have to do with art. She believes that there is art everywhere that has yet to be discovered, and hopes to shed light on areas of art that have been over looked.


  • Santa Maria School

    Santa Maria School

    Santa Maria School is located on Zerega Avenue in the beautiful Bronx, New York. A small Catholic school serving grades pre-K-8, we strive to create a supportive family-like atmosphere where students of all faiths can thrive in a safe and secure environment. Our curriculum uses a “whole child” approach to support academic, social, and emotional growth. In addition to the work completed in the classroom, Santa Maria students are taught the importance of serving their community and being a good citizen.

    Art class at Santa Maria School is continually guided by the goal of exploring the “whys” and “hows” of art. Whether used as an expressive medium or an informational aid, students are encouraged to recognize the power of their work and celebrate all of their artistic achievements.

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What Is a Healthy Neighborhood? Youth Data Stories from the Bronx

 archive : 2022

Featuring: The Eighth Grade Class of Santa Maria School (Class of 2022)

Curated by: The Eighth Grade Class of Santa Maria School (Class of 2022)

Presented by: The Eighth Grade Class of Santa Maria School (Class of 2022) and Photoville, in partnership with PhotoWings
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