19 Jul 2018 2018 CONTAINER

Bringing visual literacy by not only presentation the pictures, but also introducing the photographers and their stories behind them.

Featuring: Miranda Barnes, Akasha Rabut, Itaysha Jordan, Andrea Morales, Wayne Lawrence, Kiliii Yuyan, Jabari Jacobs, Ramona Rosales, Demetrius Freeman, Sebastian Hildago, Demetrius Freeman

Presented by

Diversify Photo and United Photo Industries

Curated by

Andrea Wise and Brent Lewis


“IN/VISIBLE” is an attempt to increase visual literacy by highlighting photographs made by individuals from groups underrepresented in mass media. Images by photographers of color from the Diversify Photo database are suspended from the ceiling in a way that allows the viewer to flip the print and learn the story behind each image. The back of each print is a window into the confluence of usually invisible forces that combine for an image to be created and seen, including camera, lighting and technical information, a portrait and short bio of the photographer, contextual information into how the image was made, funding sources and distribution channels, as well as a brief testimony of the barriers the photographer had to overcome to make the image.


Andrea Wise and Brent Lewis co-founded Diversify Photo in Spring 2017. Wise is an independent creative strategist working with artists, media outlets, tech startups, production companies, and brands to develop and deploy impactful narrative visual storytelling experiences. She also serves as Secretary of the National Press Photographers Association, where Lewis serves on the Board of Directors. Lewis recently joined The New York Times as a business photo editor after two years as Senior Photo Editor at ESPN’s the Undefeated. Both Wise and Lewis began their careers as photojournalists and now devote themselves to fostering opportunities for photographers from historically underrepresented groups.


Diversify Photo is an intentional movement to break with the narrow lens through which history and the mass media has seen and recorded the images of our time. Our mission is twofold: To elevate the voices of photographers of color by connecting them to opportunities for project funding, professional development, and community building; and to equip art buyers, creative directors, and photo directors with resources to discover photographers of color available for assignments and commissions.

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