Bats’i Lab

Bats’i Lab

Bats’i Lab is a not-for-profit platform that promotes photography in Chiapas, Mexico. It seeks to expand linkages nationally and internationally for Chiapas photographers, providing analog and digital resources, as well as editorial support. In collaboration with Tragameluz, a photographer collective, and Galería MUY, it supports exhibits and promotes photography linkages to other art forms, particularly among the indigenous Maya and Zoque communities of Chiapas, Mexico.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by Bats’i Lab


Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2018

This exhibit highlights the role of photography in creating public narratives of life struggles and social movements in Chiapas, Mexico. It builds on the media awareness generated by the Zapatista indigenous rebellion of 1994. Since then, social and political conflicts have led to displacement and confrontation, often generating multiple narratives of these events.

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