Critical Practices Inc

Critical Practices Inc

CPI, founded in 2010 and incorporated in 2012, was established to support the emergence and development of new practices within the field of cultural production. We believe that the producers of critical culture are a community whose needs for peer discourse and engagement are underserved by current institutional conventions. Operating outside of normative institutional and marketplace models, CPI uses the common objectives, goals, and concerns of a diverse community of producers as its point of departure for programming. Our intent is to create a dynamic network and platform for the diverse points of view necessary to shape and sustain critical, theoretical, and artistic practices.

Archive Sessions and Events Supported by Critical Practices Inc

Sep 212014

PI_LTR: On Building a Canon

PI_LTR (Public Interface LaTableRonde) The PI-LTR format brings together 30 participants – some invited, some not – to engage in a public discussion concerning contemporary cultural conditions. Each participant will be given The Rules of the Game: PI-LTR (available/distributed at the Fair), which describe the standard practices for this program.

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