Malikah is a global collective of women and nonbinary people committed to building safety and power for ourselves and our communities. Over 10 years, we have trained tens of thousands of people in over 30 cities across the globe in self-defense, economic empowerment, healing, justice, and organizing.

With every self defense technique, we deconstruct the notion that our bodies are not our own. With every movement, we begin a healing process with our bodies—one where we finally have full control over our security and space. We affirm the diversity of our community and recognize that we are all on unique journeys. For some women and gender marginalized people, self-defense may be a tool for healing and connection with our source of power and body. For others, we are motivated to be trained in self-defense because it will ultimately be a tool for self-preservation.  Whatever the case may be, Malikah’s spaces are meant to be affirming for every part of your experience.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by Malikah

Malikah: Building Power And Safety For Our Communities

Astoria Park
 archive : 2021

Malikah was founded by Astoria native Rana Abdelhamid, to build community and share resources with people impacted by hate and gender-based violence in a post-9/11 New York City. This series highlights the beauty and importance of our individual and collective journeys as we work towards a more just world.

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