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Prospekt Mira

Prospekt Mira is a nonprofit organization comprised of creative academics and communications professionals who are passionate about sustainable development. Using research, we help organizations communicate what their projects are doing to help communities and individuals adapt to climate change around the world.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by Prospekt Mira

A Climate for Conflict

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2017

Through photography, rare archival imagery and a documentary short, “A Climate for Conflict” explores the environmental roots of conflict in Somalia, and the ways its woes spill beyond its place on the map.

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Archive Sessions and Events Supported by Prospekt Mira

Sep 132017

Climates in Conflict

From Afghanistan to Colombia and Somalia, environmental changes have dire implications for security and are harbingers of global risks to come. What’s being done to address these concerns? What more can be done? How can visual storytelling help?

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