Red Hook Art Project (RHAP)

Red Hook Art Project (RHAP)

Founded in 2009 by Ms. Tiffiney Davis, Red Hook Art Project (RHAP) is a non-profit organization that provides free visual art, music, academic and stress management instruction to children and youth who live in and around Red Hook, Brooklyn. RHAP organizes our community of 30 volunteers—artists, musicians, writers, doctors and other practitioners—to teach and mentor our students on a weekly basis. Our pedagogical approach is rooted in responding to our students’ interests and needs with special attention to activities that build self-confidence and problem solving skills.

Two blocks from the largest NYCHA development in Brooklyn, RHAP is positioned to serve economically and geographically underserved youth — ensuring accessibility to those who may face barriers to accessing arts programming.

At the core of our mission is the empowerment of youth through the arts. Our classes aim to cultivate a sense of artistic identity and leadership among the next generation, with small class sizes. The curriculum encompasses various art forms, including drawing, painting, mixed media, ceramics, and music, providing students with opportunities to explore new mediums and develop their artistic skills. With a steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity and representation, RHAP amplifies the voices of community members in shaping programming and decision-making processes.

Current Exhibitions Supported by Red Hook Art Project (RHAP)

Portraits of Resilience in Red Hook

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 coming soon

“Portraits of Resilience in Red Hook” is an intergenerational photo portrait initiative intertwining personal narratives and innovative technology to foster community empowerment and understanding for an intergenerational collaboration.

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