The Clemente

The Clemente

The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center Inc. is a Puerto Rican/Latinx multi-arts cultural institution that has demonstrated a broad-minded cultural vision and inclusive philosophy rooted in New York City’s Lower East Side/Loisaida. While focused on the cultivation, presentation, and preservation of Puerto Rican and Latinx culture, we are equally committed to a multi-ethnic/international latitude—determined to operate in a polyphonic manner that provides affordable working space and venues to artists, small arts organizations, emergent and independent community producers that reflect the cultural diversity of the Lower East Side and our city. As a downtown Latinx cultural staple for close to three decades, The Clemente is the pulpit where countless New York-based Latinx, BIPOC, local LES, and international partners create multi-disciplinary contemporary work and co-productions in a collaborative environment.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by The Clemente


The Clemente (LES)
 archive : 2021

Life-line is a series of 26 augmented full-bodied portraits with audible voices of multigenerational members, reflecting the diversity of the Lower East Side community that memorializes people waiting in line.

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