Yuanjin Photo

Yuanjin Photo

In July 2015, Yan Cong and Ye Charlotte Ming founded Yuanjin Photo with two main goals: to help Chinese photojournalists tell better stories, and get those stories seen internationally. Their writings are published on the microblogging site WeChat where they introduce international, documentary photography and photojournalism to a Chinese audience, and highlight innovative storytelling tools used by international photographers and outlets.

They also debate photojournalism ethics and seek to enhance the visual literacy of their audience in China.

Last year Yuanjin Photo and David Barreda launched “Depth of Field,” with the aim of providing a fresh look at the latest stories from China photographed by Chinese photographers and published in Chinese media.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by Yuanjin Photo

China Through Chinese Eyes

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2017

This exhibition explores social, cultural, and economic issues central to the Chinese people and captured through the eyes of Chinese photographers. It features the work of several visual storytellers published in Chinese media outlets, whose images piece together a nuanced view of this dynamic country, as they help China understand itself.

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