two side by side images of men, one with a dog in a park and the other sitting on a bed

People, Earth, and Experimental Korean Photography 2

25 Jul 2019 CONTAINERS
two side by side images of four young Asian women part of a series called People, Earth and Experimental Korean Photography

Featuring: Jinhee Bae

Presented by

MUG Publishing


Curated by

Jinhee Bae

I’ve always wondered: Why did everyone come to London? How are they doing since they left London?

In 2006, I came to London to study. I tried to adjust to life in London by sharing the cultures and identities of all my friends with various nationalities. I and my friends filled the time in our own way and went back to our respective places. The story resumes ten years later, revealing how they are living since returning home.

Since 2016, I started searching for fourteen friends who returned to their hometowns through the social networking services. I visited London, San Diego, Oslo, Iceland, and Taipei in person. They were looking back on their past selves with me. Each of us was focused on hard living while we were living in London. How we lived may have been more important than why we went home. I wonder what our daily lives today will mean to us in the future. In this sense, the work is not at an end.


Jinhee Bae is based in South Korea and has focused on generation, identity, and custom in everyday life.

She has participated in more than fifty exhibitions as a photographer and as a representative of MUG Publishing. She participated in many photography projects and is expanding the field of photography education through collaboration with educational institutions.


MUG Publishing is a Seoul-based art publisher focusing on photography and illustrations, printed matter, and more. Founded by Jin Hee Bae in 2008, we have been fortunate enough to work with fantastic individuals and organizations in art, culture, education, and corporate fields.

Starting in 2015, we have linked photographers with each other so they could communicate with artists in other mediums. We created promotional projects and planned exhibitions, art markets, and art books on photography.

Since 2016, we have participated in Photoville, New York’s largest outdoor premium photo festival. In addition, many of our books and photographers were introduced at the Athens Photo Festival, fotofever Paris, Photo Independent LA, and more.

In June 2019, we opened the first photography library in Seoul.

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