Sarah Fretwell

Sarah Fretwell is a journalist, climate activist, and political scientist. She works as a multimedia storyteller. Her work focuses on the intersections of the environment, people, and business with one question: “What if the new bottom line was love?” Her award-winning photojournalism explores the lives of everyday people with extraordinary stories, and creates the human connection that engages people on a personal level — offering individuals a voice for justice, insight for solutions, and the encouragement needed for international engagement. Some of her notable work and clients include the BioCarbon Fund, the United Nations, USAID, the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, World Bank Group, and the Tara Ocean Foundation.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Sarah Fretwell

Sustainable Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2022

Presented by Social Documentary Network, ZEKE Magazine

These documentary exhibits explore sustainable solutions to the climate crisis: the Indigenous People’s Burn Network in the western United States; Nemo’s Garden in Italy — the world’s first underwater greenhouse; the African Women Rising’s Permagarden Program in Uganda, and others.

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