Akhil Sesh

Akhil Sesh

Akhil Sesh has been involved in the creative arts for as long as he can remember. Initially intrigued by theatre and piano, his creative inquisition led him to other forms of art, including drawing, painting, sewing, and eventually, photography and video. Even as an adolescent, Sesh was always enthused to create home videos or capture moments with a disposable camera, showcasing them to his family and friends. Fast forward to a social media app called Instagram, which seriously propelled his interests into a lifestyle and brand. Photography is something that Sesh engages in on a daily basis through the advent of social media channels. He is now a contributor for Hypebeast, Highsnobiety and Complex Networks. His desire to share his work with the masses enables him to progress. “My profession is progression,” one of Sesh’s mottos, showcases the ethic he strives for in his work.

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Sep 232016

Marketing Your Photography

For this conversation, PhotoShelter’s VP of Marketing Amy Fitzgibbons will walk you through all the “old school” tips that are at the heart of successfully promoting yourself. Fitzgibbons will be joined by Street Dreams Magazine photographer Akhil Sesh, who will dive into the “new world” of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and more.

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