Alexis Hunley

Alexis Hunley

My name is Alexis Hunley and I’m a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I started teaching myself photography in 2017, and have enjoyed producing editorial, lifestyle, and commercial work these past three years. Recently, my work during quarantine has shifted toward documenting the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on my neighborhood. As we’ve seen over the last several months, Black communities are being devastated across the country. I have been documenting life at home with my family, as well as moments with my neighbors, and in my community. I understand that as we move into a new way of life, my neighborhood will be faced with hardships that individuals in Bel-Air or Calabasas will never face. Our stories are too often overlooked or forgotten, so it is critical for future generations that Black documentarians such as myself, tell the stories of our communities from our own perspectives.

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Oct 42020

Creativity in Unprecedented Times

Join this panel of extraordinary photographers as they explore the topic of remaining creatively fresh and engaged while working within the limitations of social isolation, travel bans, and extremely divisive political discourse.

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