Allen Murabayashi

Allen Murabayashi

Allen Murabayashi, Chairman, PhotoShelter
Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and Co-founder of PhotoShelter, the worldwide leader in photography portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers. Allen previously served as a founding employee and Senior Vice President of Engineering at, where he assisted in the company’s massive growth from a 4-person start-up to a publicly-held company with over 675 employees. He oversaw a staff of 50 engineers, and was responsible for the development of, Softshoe, and a number of internal applications.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Allen Murabayashi

Sep 112015

Do’s & Don’ts to Photo Contests & Submitting Your Work Online

In this exclusive panel, we’ll discuss which photo contests are worth your time, plus walk through additional opportunities to submit your work to companies in need of great photography.

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Sep 202014

How to Grow Your Business Through Instagram

If you want to grow your network, a platform like Instagram can be a game changer. But is brand awareness the only juice you can squeeze from that lemon? Not anymore. In this panel, learn how photographers are using Instagram to draw in clients and land paying gigs, plus discover how brands are turning to photographers on Instagram to reach new audiences.

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Sep 262013

Luminance: The Future of Copyright

If you’re like many (many!) photographers out there, then United States copyright law is probably pretty daunting. But here’s the thing – understanding the ins and outs of copyright is an asset to your business. This panel helps lift the veil on this cumbersome topic, and discusses how to balance protecting and sharing your images.

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