Amy Scott

Amy Scott

Amy Scott (they/them) is a queer and nonbinary commercial and advertising photographer who specializes in food, lifestyle, and agricultural storytelling.

They make images of food, the people who grow it, those who enjoy it, and its journey from the field to the table. Having been a small-scale vegetable farmer, their love affair with food is rooted in the love and admiration for those who work so hard to produce it. Whether in the studio or in the field, they strive for imagery that is vibrant, full of life, and that feels personal and tangible.

Real-world beauty, accessibility, and playfulness are the cornerstones of their work.

Amy is one of the co-founders of Queer the Lens, a growing community of

LGBTQIA+ creatives in photography and video, both on and off set.  The QTL mission is to empower the creative queer community by establishing an inclusive space where we can voice our needs, create connections, and share resources.

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Jun 222022

CRAFTING YOUR CAREER: “Build Your Own Collective”

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned professional, every photographer needs a community.

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