Andrew Stuart

Andrew Stuart

A photo isn’t just an image. It’s a piece of time captured for all of eternity. As an immortalized moment, there should be emotion, there should be action, and there should be a narrative at the center of every single picture—reflecting life and all of its motions and nuances. Now, every one of Andrew Stuart’s photos relays a story. Whether it’s a shot of Dave Grohl in the recording studio pondering his next musical choice for Foo Fighters, a snap of Kat Von D pensively drawing or writing lyrics, or a candid image of Mick Fleetwood’s beaming grin, his pictures literally come to life.” Andrew Stuart possesses the ability to capture artists and musicians at their most vulnerable and vibrant because he’s spent his entire career around some of the biggest and best names in the business. Upon graduating from USC, he went from internships at major labels such as Atlantic Records to working as the office assistant for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. He kicked off his career literally in the royal court of hard rock’s first family. He went on to work as a manager at The Rick Sales Entertainment group, the powerhouse music management firm behind hard rock acts, Slayer, Mastodon, and more. 2008 saw him pick up a camera for the first time to document the recording sessions behind Slayer’s tenth studio album, World Painted Blood. Photographing everybody from Metallica to Fleetwood Mac, Stuart left the music industry world behind to focus on his photography full-time in 2013. He served as Foo Fighters official photographer during the making of the group’s Sonic Highways album and HBO series, multiple music videos and projects. He recently worked with Mick Fleetwood, Chris Cornell & Kat Von D’s global beauty brand. A third generation Los Angeles native; Stuart loves Mexican food almost as much as he loves his pup Voltron, and his photos will be keeping moments alive forever.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Andrew Stuart

May 22019

Leica Photographers Guide to the Galaxy: A Photowalk with Andrew Stuart x Pete Halvorsen

Pete and Andrew will lead a walk along The Avenue of the Stars to the Century City Mall, and create a photo assignment to help extend your eye and street photography skills.

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