Angelica Briones

Angelica is a Peruvian-born and NYC-raised visual story-teller. She is a self-taught photographer who holds a Visual Storytelling certificate from the International Center of Photography. Angelica combines her artistic expressions of photography and writing with her passions for culture, animals, and travel. She develops photo projects and photo-documentary series in her beloved New York and the different places where she travels.

Angelica’s work explores themes of love and connection. She is moved by witnessing the motivating force that drives a single person, a family, or a community toward joy. Angelica intends for her audience to view her images and stories as relatable, and as an opportunity to understand, learn, and empathize with experiences beyond their own.

Angelica’s body of work includes young indigenous girls learning photography in Oaxaca, Mexico, the story of an orphanage in Tanzania, the love and affection seen in the streets of a country perceived to be dangerous, items of sentimental value carried by immigrants that symbolize their native countries, as well as her current project that consists on a collection of photos of senior dogs and letters written to them by their owners, amongst others.

Current Exhibitions Featuring Angelica Briones

Brought from Home

Travers Park
 on show

Brought from Home is a two-part photo-documentary project on immigration and the complexities and symbolism of never truly leaving home.

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