AnJu Hyppolite

AnJu Hyppolite is a Brooklyn-born, Queens-bred award-winning actor, writer, director, and educator who works at the intersection of the arts, technology, and social equity. She facilitates theater arts, improvisation, devised theatre, and playwriting workshops with NYC public school youth and community members.

AnJu’s Lakou NOU project (Canarsie), Project Unearth explores the multiplicities of identity within the Haitian-American experience. AnJu spent the past year in conversation with Haitian-American women. Her storytelling workshop produced a script that describes moments of strength, power, vulnerability, learning/unlearning, and self-actualization. The women used their voices to stand in their truth, bravely and vulnerably, as they shared their experiences.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring AnJu Hyppolite

Lakou NOU 2021

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Fulton Ferry Landing
 archive : 2021

Lakou NOU features collaborative community-based art projects that explore what it means to be Haitian American—to belong to two cultures, two worlds—and to be Black in America while also staying true to your heritage.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring AnJu Hyppolite

Sep 182021

Theatrical Monologue By AnJu Hyppolite And Haiti Cultural Exchange

AnJu, an award-winning actor, writer and educator who works at the intersection of theater arts, technology, and social equity, will read an original poem that speaks to each woman’s exploration of that identity, hers included, and the unearthing that occurred as the women delved into introspection and the interrogation of self.

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