Ann Hermes

Ann Hermes is a Brooklyn and Boston-based photojournalist and visual storyteller with a flair for the nostalgic. Her personal work explores the roles that often overlooked, and sometimes outdated, institutions and people play in our history and culture.

She has worked in a variety of logistically challenging situations on national and international assignments over 15 years as a staff photographer for The Christian Science Monitor and other national and regional news outlets. This work ranged from breaking visual news coverage of the Arab Spring in Egypt to in-depth stories following Syrian refugees in Eastern Europe. Her stories have also been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic.

After years of experience in news photography, she is using her documentary expertise to create a visual exploration of the current critical era in journalism and explore the potential harm that the loss of local newsrooms would bring to our democracy.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Ann Hermes

Local Newsrooms

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza

As the journalism industry shrinks, this project captures local newsrooms to engage communities in the search of and support for trusted local news while raising awareness for a national audience that may not realize what has already been lost, and what is at stake.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Ann Hermes

Jun 12024


INSPIRED LIVE provides a platform for a unique group of cross-disciplined artists and industry professionals to reveal their sources of inspiration. In these fast-paced, 6-minute presentations, speakers select 15 images which stay on screen for 20 seconds each.

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