Brandon Bell

Brandon Bell

From a young age, I have dreamt of traveling the world to serve marginalized communities. Almost every weekend before my father left, he would take my younger sister and me to homeless shelters to teach us how to serve—how to be content with having little. Learning to mourn with those who mourned, and love those who had little, afforded me something priceless: my eye.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I come from a single mother who took me to her classes while finishing her associate’s degree. In my spare time, I watched movies, drew, and viewed picture books until my eyes were heavy. I was obsessed with movies—particularly “Titanic.” When the movie ended, I would quietly rewind it on the VCR and rewatch it until I got caught. Being the youngest boy in a household of four typically allowed me to go unnoticed—until my mother suspected my silence, yelling “Brandon! Off! No more today!” Back then, I didn’t realize that the reason I could rewatch a three-hour movie was because I was studying it. I was absorbing every frame, composition, lighting choice, musical selection, and line of dialogue the director allowed. I was fascinated with storytelling. Little did I know, I was growing into a storyteller myself. I strive to tell stories with my work. I have always had a love for photojournalism, and with under three years of professional photography experience, I have been fortunate to travel much of the world telling stories of marginalized communities. If I achieve nothing else in my lifetime, I want my work to have helped provide a truthful and honest gaze into the plight of the human experience.

My work has been published in numerous outlets, magazines, and online publications such as: The Atlantic, the ACLU, The New York TimesVICEThe Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Reuters, BBC, the Los Angeles TimesTIMEForbesThe Washington Post, Getty Images, and The Guardian.

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