Brendan ‘FotoDiaspora’ Miller

My name is Brendan Miller (FotoDiaspora on IG), I’m from White Plains, NY, and I’m the son of a South Bronx native and a Trinidadian immigrant. I’ve been taking pictures on trips across the globe for my entire adult life, but the pandemic changed my photography journey. I used the additional time to enroll in a photography class offered through the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), where I learned about photo history, editing, and framing techniques. I began shooting candid street photography and instantly fell in love. My work has been featured in Docu Magazine, Anthology, and recognized by countless other print organizations. During the summer of 2023, I decided to expand my focus to documentary storytelling. I designed a series entitled ‘Chef’ not ‘Cook’: The Process to Plate, which captures the story of eight industry-leading chefs of color. The title is a nod to the historical marginalization of BIPOC food creators who were labeled as ‘cooks’ but denied the esteemed title ‘chef.’

For my work on this series I have been selected as a finalist by Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year for the 2024 James Beard Foundation Photography Award.

This journey has taken me to chefs’ homes, gardens, family gatherings, farms, and so much more. I’ve also conducted hours of interviews to document each subject in their voice. This beautiful project encapsulates my love of food and photography in a way that’s deeply personal. I can’t wait for the world to see this work.

Current Exhibitions Featuring Brendan ‘FotoDiaspora’ Miller

‘Chef’ not ‘Cook’: The Process to Plate

The South Street Seaport
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‘Chef’ not ‘Cook’: The Process to Plate is a photo series that tells the story of eight industry-leading African-American chefs across New York.

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