Carolyn Fong

Carolyn Fong

Carolyn Fong (she/her) is a commercial, editorial, and brand photographer working throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in creating imagery that celebrates the craft, people, and spaces that create community — often but not always — with some food and drinks.

As an Asian-American woman, business owner, mother, and artist, she deeply believes that people deserve to be represented, seen, heard and valued. Whoever you love, however you self-identify, and whatever your race, cultural background, or abilities — Fong wants to work with you. Having been in many spaces throughout her life where she was the only Asian person, or POC, she knows how important representation is for BIPOC individuals in the visual media landscape. Behind the camera, Fong brings the full breadth of her life experiences and knowledge to every aspect of the creative process.

She knows first hand the meaning and the value of having BIPOC creatives at the table. She believes wholeheartedly that Black lives matter. She is committed to being anti-racist in her life and business.

With a degree from the ArtCenter College of Design and over 15 years of experience, she and her production team are ready to make your project a success.

Fong is also a proud member of Diversify Photo and Women Photograph.

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Jun 212022

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It’s the big open secret of the photography community: everyone does side work. Come and hear how different rockstar photographers subsidize and develop their careers with work that’s not just editorial photography.

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