Cassandra Giraldo

Cassandra Giraldo

Cassandra Giraldo is an independent photojournalist and now associate producer at VICE News on HBO based in Brooklyn, New York. As a freelance newspaper photographer, she contributes locally to various outlets including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. While she loves the rush of a deadline and spot news, Giraldo is dedicated to working on long-form stories relating to youth, education, public school systems, and coming of age. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her either at Columbia Journalism School finishing her masters degree in investigative journalism or on the streets of Brooklyn documenting youth after school for her Instagram project @afterschoolproject. Her work has been exhibited internationally and recognized by various photo organizations including Getty Images, Instagram, NPPA, American Photography, The New York Times, and the Eddie Adams Workshop where she was awarded the Education Week award. Instagram added her to a list of Emerging Photojournalists in 2015 and she was named one of 30 Under 30 Women Photographers by Photo Boite in 2016.

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Sep 242016

Working in Local Communities

Community art projects, both large and small, can become vehicles for social change. Artists discuss their longterm projects, how they began, how they involve their communities, and what advice they have for other artists who wish to engage their own communities in art projects. Panelists will discuss projects on local communities and the impacts they’ve had, far and wide.

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