Cassie Flynn

Cassie Flynn

Cassie Flynn is the Strategic Advisor on Climate Change in the Executive Office of the United Nations Development Programme. She is an internationally-recognized expert on the international treaty negotiations on climate change and provides advice to countries on how to develop and fulfill their pledges on climate change under the Paris Agreement. In 2017, she was named the 13th most influential person on climate change by Onalytica. As a fan of photography, she is very happy to be participating in New York’s Photoville 2019!

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Cassie Flynn

Sep 202019

Documenting Inequality and Climate Change: The Double Threat to Life on Earth

Learn how to sustain your ongoing visual story with New York photographer and curator Rene Perez. In this talk, Rene will analyze how his life-long fascination with the magic hour became a long-term photo project.

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