Desarie Francis

Desarie Francis

My name is Desarie Francis. I am currently a senior at the High school of Art and Design and when it came to selecting images for Photoville I decided to choose from five solo photoshoots I took of myself over the pandemic. Over the pandemic I had to keep up with photography even though I had no access to models or a studio. I decided to become my own model. I ordered all of my needed equipment and created a studio set up in my room. I had studied and learned different techniques to be able to take the images of myself without being behind the camera. Constantly doing this over the pandemic has built up my strength in studio photography and has even helped me start a successful photography business.

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Oct 162021

Youth Artist Exchange: Looking Inward

Photoville Youth Artist Exchanges bring together youth photographers and professional photographers for engaging conversations. This exchange features artists whose work looks inward, creating intimate images that communicate personal identity and illustrate relationships to loved ones and to home.

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