Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.‘s photographic works visualize moments of contemplation, self-possession, and intimacy. The ambiguous nature of the photographs is in favor of an expansive, incoherent, and timeless regard for what is pictured.

The text that accompanies each image assists in extending the initial framing of the camera. Similar to how experiences are layered in memory, he considers how a singular moment may be re-contextualized to glean something comprehensive, new, or unplanned for.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

2019-2020 Visual Artist AIRspace Exhibition

Abrons Art Center
 archive : 2020

2019-2020 Visual Artist AIRspace residents Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Arisleyda Dilone, Alicia Mersy, and Charisse Pearlina Weston, share work they developed during their residency period at Abrons Arts Center.

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