Eryka Clayton

Eryka Clayton

Eryka Clayton has been successfully working in the fashion industry since the mid-nineties as a brand consultant, creative director, producer, fashion show director, editor, and stylist. With her extensive skill set and creative vision she has been instrumental in building successful multinational brands from scratch and helping artists and actors define their image. Her career has taken her across the world and she is currently based in New York, where she consults innovative entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives to successfully achieve their visions, styles, and serves as the Editor and Fashion Director of The Collective Magazine.

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Sep 192014

Fashion Photographer Meets Photo Editor: A Love Story

If there were an award for coolest fashion photographer, Melissa Rodwell might just take the cake. As a trailblazing fashion photographer and educator, Melissa joins Eryka Clayton, the photo editor at The Collective Magazine, to offer a behind-the-scenes look at how photographers and their editors work closely together to map out and execute stellar ideas.

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