Eva Woolridge

Eva Woolridge

Leica Women Foto Project 2019 Awardee

Eva Woolridge (she/her) is an African-American/Chinese-American photographer residing in Brooklyn, New York. Her photo series explore the sexual, spiritual, and emotional nature of femininity. In her work she transcends surface-level labels of people of color by conveying strength, perseverance, vulnerability and vitality using strong lighting and composition.

Her first photo essay was entitled “Peeled Paint,” produced in 2014, and it conveyed her understanding of the human ego and spirituality.

Upon graduating from University of Maryland, College Park, Woolridge completed her second social-consciousness narrative called “Embrace Your Essence.” Produced in 2015, the series focused on young women’s journeys toward self-love—defining what they find beautiful about themselves. Many of the narratives included illnesses, challenges to meet Western standards of beauty, and quirks that once negatively affected their self-esteem.

Woolridge continues to use visual narratives to convey a tone of a new, inclusive wave of feminine energy through her gaze as a queer woman of color, while commenting on the social & cultural conditions of her communities.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Eva Woolridge

Leica Women Foto Project

Brooklyn Bridge Park – New Dock Street
 archive : 2020

Explore works by the 2019 recipients of the inaugural Leica Women Foto Project award. The exhibiting artists are Debi Cornwall, Yana Paskova, and Eva Woolridge, whose work highlight today’s social and political climate observed through the female perspective.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Eva Woolridge

Oct 82021

Disruptive Creativity Talk (ENCORE RECORDING)

Discover how to use photography as a form of self-care and embrace the challenges encountered as opportunities

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Sep 192020

Diversity in Visual Storytelling

Explore the unique visual dialogues of our esteemed Leica Women Foto Project 2019 awardees, Debi Cornwall, Yana Paskova and Eva Woolridge, in a multi-dimensional conversation covering topics from gender parity in visual storytelling to the value of a personal project.

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