Fatmata Bah

Fatmata Bah

Fatmata Bah, currently serving as a youth farmer with Hattie Carthan Community Garden & Peer Lead with Lion’s Tooth Project – is a student of life and facilitator, who relishes in the chance to broaden people’s ideas around wellness, gender, and sexuality.

They aim to combine their interests of history and memory work with their love of being an educator; teaching community members from an intersectional, decolonized lens – reflective of themselves and their heritage.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Fatmata Bah

Oct 132021

Youth Artist Exchange: Looking At Our Ancestors

Photoville Youth Artist Exchanges bring together youth photographers and professional photographers for engaging conversations. This exchange features artists whose work reaches into their family, cultural and community roots to connect and redefine the past, present and future.

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