Gili Yaari

Gili Yaari

Gili Yaari is an Israeli entrepreneur with 25 years of experience In establishing and managing large R&D organizations in companies like Comverse, Amdocs, and others.

Since 2019 Yaari is the founder and CEO of PIXMOLE which provides copyright enforcement services based on its cutting-edge and technology for photographers and photo agencies.

Yaari holds B.Sc. in Math & Computer Science from Ben-Gurion University and is an award-winning photojournalist specializing in documentary and news photography. In his work, Gili focuses on social and humanitarian issues as well as on contemporary Israeli issues. Yaari has been covering Israeli ups and down since 2007, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, social unrest, and political issues like the general election. In 2010 Yaari photographed the documentary ‘Sixty-Five Years Later’, documenting the life in a hostel for Holocaust survivors at a mental health center. In 2020 Yaari returned to photograph at the same hostel and published the project ‘Sixty-Five Plus Ten Years Later’, providing documentation of the mentally ill Holocaust Survivors over a decade perspective. In 2016 Yaari documented the migrant crisis in Europe, focusing on the masses of migrants in Greece, published in the project ‘Stranded in Greece’.

Yaari has participated in several group exhibitions in Israel and worldwide. His work was awarded in various international photography competitions like ‘Sony World Photography Awards’ and Israeli Press Photography Awards (‘Local Testimony’) among others.

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Jun 162023

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