Guerdley Cajus

Guerdley Cajus is a Dance Movement Artist whose work is inspired by the medicinal magic of movement. Her credits include Grammys Recording Academy, MTV Music Awards, Vice Media, New Balance, BET, and much more. Guerdley is also a Social and Emotional Arts Educator and Certified Meridian Therapy Practitioner, whose practice is centered around helping people clear the stuck energy of trauma from their bodies through movement and dance. To learn more visit

Guerdley’s Lakou NOU project, Body Poems (Crown Heights) confronts the ongoing erasure of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) voices by placing a lens on the untold stories of Haitian people. Guerdley spent her residency interviewing participants and leading workshops, in which individuals’ stories inspired movement that reclaims power and facilitates healing. Additionally, Guerdley danced at locations in Crown Heights where the brutalization of women took place—to honor those women, cleanse those spaces, and claim Black female power. The culminating event features images from those performances and a dance video examining how erasure takes up space in the Black body.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Guerdley Cajus

Lakou NOU 2021

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Fulton Ferry Landing
 archive : 2021

Lakou NOU features collaborative community-based art projects that explore what it means to be Haitian American—to belong to two cultures, two worlds—and to be Black in America while also staying true to your heritage.

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